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How to punt a football high and far?

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If you want to kick the football high and far you have to have perfect form. You have to keep a straight line between your leg and the ball. You have to drop the ball from around the pectorals for the most distance. You must make sure when dropping the ball that when you extend your arm to drop it you keep the ball on that imaginary line from your pecs out called the drop table. Since your legs are longer than your arms you must extend the ball out before you drop it or you wont hit your foots sweet spot which is on the top of your foot. You must kick the ball a little to the right on your foot so you can get a nice tight spiral that will add a few yards. A major tip when it comes to punting is to make sure the laces are up and you kick it on the opposite side of the laces because the laces are a dead spot along with the hole you blow it up with. You must also take 2 to 3 steps so you can use your forward momentum to get even more distance.

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